Sky Lakes Airport Association

Sky Lakes Airport Association (aka SLAA) is an organization that was formed in 2015 by a group of pilots and lot owners. With the purpose of improving the Airport and Airport experience.

The group meets frequently to discuss maintenance priorities required at the airport. And will actively pursue to improve the airport in all its facets.

The goal to improve the Airport experience is done through organizing Fly-in, Poker runs and old fashion Hangar parties.

Sky Lakes Airport association lends its name from the airpark subdivision and the old name of 37XA airport. Currently 37XA is named Skydive Houston Airport; however since 2009 there has been no Sky Dive activity at 37XA.

To become a member of SLAA contact; for membership updates.


President - Willie Spence

Vice President - Bill Green

Secretary - Amy Hoffpauir

Treasurer - Rudy Popeszku


From Left to right... Rudy, Amy, Bill, Willie